These placemats decorates your dining table and gives it an exotic look and also protects table from scratches and wet marks. The color and design of the mats are praiseworthy and looks very attractive and elegant and will enhance the beauty of your dining as well as your kitchen.

  • Multipurpose mats for refrigerator, drawers, shelves and dining table
  • Protect from scratches, spots and dirt
  • Made from durable high quality plastic material
  • Latest, trendy, designer and stylish with choice of colours
  • Long Lasting, Waterproof & Heat Proof
  • Colour: Various Colours are available.
  • Printed and Non-Printed, both are available
  • Size: 11inches x 17inches, 13inches x 19inches, custom size.
  • Material: PP Plastic
  • Packaging Included: Custom Packaging

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