Strip Files

  • Strip Files with Multi-colour Bars. A4 Paper Report Sliding Bar Cover Strip File Folder Holder 5 PCS Clear
  • These report covers have Dimension : 12 Inches X 9 Inches approx.(Little Bigger than A4 So that Bunch of A4 Papers can Fit Comfortably
  • Different colored strips for easy identification of different documents.
  • Sliding Bar/Strip has different colors and Bars capacity is 1 CM (50 to 60 , 70GSM papers can easily be fit in)
  • Suitable for office documents and project papers/test papers or worksheets
  • See Through & Beautiful Designed. Made of Good Quality PP Material
  • Size: A4
  • Colour: Various Colours are available.
  • Packaging Included: 100pcs.

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